We are constantly monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 disease with the aim to help the participants to Arthur Nikisch Competition to get easily and safely in the Country.

Bulgaria is considered among the safest destinations amid Coronavirus, that’s also due to the immediate and effective response to the pandemic since the beginning.

At the moment there is no particular restriction to enter the country, until July 31 travellers just need to meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Present the result of a positive COVID test (PCR or antigenic one) made at least 15 days before and not further than 180 days before entering the country;
  2. Submit a certificate of completion of the vaccination cycle;
  3. To present a negative result from a PCR test for COVID, made not earlier than 72 hours before entering the country;
  4. To present a negative result from an antigenic test for COVID, performed not earlier than 48 hours before entering the country.

We expect these measures to loosen for September, please visit this page or write us in order to receive detailed information.

Shall you need immediate assistance, please write an email to or complete the contact form here.